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Music Has the Power to Bridge Gaps in Our Global Society

December 6, 2019

Music is not just a melodious tune and lyrics that you listen to on playable devices. Music is considered to be much more than that in terms of its influence as well as power. It has the sheer ability to

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Clarinet Fingering Chart

How to Find a Clarinet Teacher?

January 11, 2019

Playing the clarinet on your own is very difficult, especially in the early stages of learning. It is often much easier if you can find a good clarinet master to show you the way. There are many different types of

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Amazing tips to learn to play piano as an adult

When you are new to play your piano then you must keep all this things in your mind?

September 7, 2018

When compared to the kids while the adults started to learn the piano, then it would be really an intimidating task. It is because many people would keep a limit for themselves because they would think that they are getting

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