Types of animation that make stories interesting!

Types of animation that make stories interesting!

Cartoons are loved all over the world as they present the stories in a relatable manner; animation. The media has noted the customers’ needs and accordingly introduced the art in other areas of commercial business and non-profit organizations. One major reason to choose art is that it makes understanding concepts much easier than a block of words. Do you know the kinds of visual graphics used? Let us take a look at a few that are offered in efficient companies like the 2d animation studio in singapore.


  • Traditional/ 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Motion capture

Traditional/ 2D Animation: This style of visual effects involves the creation of flat, 2D characters and environments. It is the old animation type. It is implemented in promotional videos, explainer videos, cartoons, etc., due to its flexibility. This is one of the time-consuming processes as every frame has to be created meticulously.

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3D Animation: This sort of design is an advancement of traditional animation. It assists in the presentation of realistic animated experiences. It is a practical application, often used in industries like architecture, medicine.

Full-length movies, commercials, interactive advertisements and other marketing stuff takesthe help of 3D animation for making a profit. Basic and simpler videos may have to refrain from the benefits of this sort as it is labour-intensive and time taking.

Stop Motion Animation: Sequence-specific clicking of still objects to create an illusion of movement is the theme of this method. It offers a unique aesthetic and is a cost-effective process due to the absence of expensive devices and facilities.

Motion capture: This photographic system is an extension of 3D animation that allows the creation of ultra-realistic animations that are based on live-action scenes. Most of the gaming applications have characters that are a result of the execution of a motion capture system. The characters display nearly-real facial expressions.

One of the steps of this system is dressing actors up in clothes that foster tracking of movements and interactions for the purpose of recreation through computer graphics.


Visual messages are more impactful than audio information. There are even instances where the users often visited a site just because of the attractive graphics it offered. Now that you know the importance of animation in life, find out the best service provider likea 2d animation studio in Singapore to meet personal as well as client needs in an efficient way.